The Art & Science of Injectables

September 20, 2021

The popularity and availability of injectables has exploded in recent years, and for good reason. A good practitioner can make significant changes to your appearance with just a few minor alterations, however, a mediocre practitioner can leave you regretting your decision.

"Consider the world of tattoos for a moment." 

Although almost anyone can become a tattoo artist, there is a clear line and set of criteria that sets the mediocre apart from the great. Would you get something permanently tattooed on your body if you did not like the artist’s artwork? Would you get inked up from an artist who had shaky hands, or who wasn’t devoted to their craft? Of course you wouldn’t. A tattoo is a major decision that costs a lot of money and lasts a lifetime.

Although injectables don’t last forever, they can’t be hidden with a long sleeve shirt or a pair of jeans. That is why we believe that when it comes to injectables we need to operate from the point of view of not only an artist and a sculptor, but also a scientist and a nurse.

As an injectable practitioner with an education in nursing, I want my clients to feel not only confident in my abilities but also at ease because of my knowledge of the compounds we work with, and the potential risks that come with using them in our body. A great practitioner should spend time to understand their client and ensure that the compounds they choose to work with will not have any adverse effects whatsoever! Another distinction that separates practitioners are those that educate their patient on anatomy, risks and rationale to treatment suggestions.

"How much is too much?"

People can easily go overboard with injectables, and in the end they wind up doing more harm, aesthetically speaking and at times anatomically, than good. We work like a sculptor does, using a little here and there and not overcompensating and making our clients look unnatural. The injectable should be an accent to your already radiant and glowing natural beauty, and it should never overpower what makes you unique!

When I am working with a client I take into consideration their natural makeup, and any alterations that I make are done through the golden ratio. The golden ratio is a mathematical formula that occurs in almost every living organism on the planet. You can find it in plants, animals, and the world's most famous compositions like the Mona Lisa or the Twitter logo. This formula helps guide our work to ensure that any facial changes build towards a more proportional and pleasant facial result.

This method of utilizing mathematics is lost on many injectable practitioners who don’t feel confident enough in their abilities to guide their client to the best possible result.

"We will always be guided by art and science"

When we consider the science, art, and nursing portions that comprise the practice of injectables we can understand why it is so important to do our research and invest in knowledgeable and passionate practitioners. The practitioners in this industry should be prepared to answer any question that their clients may have, and they should also have the skill set to keep them at ease and leave them feeling comfortable and cared for.

At Reforme Lab we will always be guided by art and science to ensure that our clients leave feeling pain free, listened to, and confident in the optimized geometry of their face. If you have any questions, comments or concerns regarding taking the next step in injectables, don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

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