The Psychology Behind Our Beauty Standards

September 20, 2021

Much like everything else in life, injectables have faced their share of uneducated and unfair criticism. Some have argued that injectables are shallow and dishonest, while those who have experienced the benefits identify them as confidence boosting and a form of self expression. 

Before making your poignant stance for or against injectables, we should examine the ways they are utilized and the difference between someone who has used them and someone who has not. 

"We all have internal feelings about our own facial features"

We all have internal feelings about our own facial features. We might love our nose and hate our lips, or wish we had some sharper cheekbones and a less chiseled jawline. There will always be a certain feeling that is evoked when we look in the mirror, and there are small tweaks that can be made to achieve a desired effect.

You might be pursuing a more striking or sexy look to feel more confident in an office setting and command more respect from those around you. This desired feeling could be achieved through strengthening your jawline and cheekbones with injectables. This isn’t any secret either, as men in an office setting are typically more successful and trusted when they have sharp jawlines, wider shoulders, and are above 6 feet tall. Luckily for people who want to evoke a professional, striking, and sexy image, you won’t have to add height to yourself!

On the contrary, maybe you have always had sharp features and you don’t want to carry those striking features around with you wherever you go. Maybe you want a more youthful and simplified look. These “cuter” features usually revolve around bigger eyes, a button nose, or a smaller chin.

"Both of the Hadid’s are undeniably gorgeous"

When comparing someone with work and someone without work done, it can be difficult to find two good examples, but we don’t have to look any further than Bella and Gigi Hadid. Both of the Hadid’s are undeniably gorgeous, but they have very different looks to them. Bella has what we referred to as, striking and sexy features. She has sharp lines, with prominent cheekbones and a strong jaw. Much of Bella’s look has come from the work of skilled injectable practitioners, but only what was needed to accent her already natural beauty.

Gigi Hadid, Bella’s sister, has apparently had no work done on her face, and she has a much “cuter” look with softer cheekbones, big eyes, and a rounder nose. The difference between the two sisters comes down to preference. Both are equally beautiful, but in their own unique ways.

If you have been considering getting work done to the part of you that you have always felt self conscious about you are not alone. Utilizing injectables with a skilled and attentive practitioner is an amazing way to promote self expression and confidence wherever you go!

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